Janice Wong is a pastry chef from Singapore. I have been following her on Instagram for ages – her desserts are creative, delicious and very photogenic. While she was busy attending 2019 World’s 50 Best ceremony, we sampled her special dinner degustation menu with cocktail pairing in Tokyo.

Pictures, hopefully, speak for themselves. All I can add is that this place is really worth a visit – for a quick bite or a more serious dessert marathon.

Arriving at the Blue Hill Farm is like taking a holiday during your holiday. Away from the crazy vibes of the New York City, and yet so close, so unbelievably tranquil. This does not feel like the East Coast – or at least not the East Coast I imagined. Everything around breathes peace.

July is a great month to visit. It’s a high season for the strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and a whole range of vegetables and herbs. We learn this from the Field and Pasture Four Seasons Journal conveniently places on our tables at arrival, along with the farm map. And as the menu is modestly called “July”, I cannot wait to discover what the other eleven months have to offer.


Taste of London is, in the words of the organisers, a “showcase of the capital’s best restaurants, top chefs and leading food and drink brands”. For me it is something else. It’s an opportunity to spend a few hours outdoors (preferably not in the rain) and to sample different food, often from the places I did not know existed.

The next one is going to be in November, at the Tobacco Dock. Are you coming?